Bicycle Support

Bike Lessons for Adults

We have years of experience teaching adults how to get started and start cycling. It is our goal that everyone who did not learn to cycle as a child should be given the chance to learn as an adult. It’s much easier than you think, if you do I right.

What we can offer is a consultant to help arrange bike courses. We can easily answer questions like: How do you start? What are the most common pitfalls? What equipment is needed? Where is a good place to hold a course?

We can even educate bike instructors.

The textbook most offen used for bike courses in Sweden have been written by our in house expert Ian Fiddies and can be downloaded free.

For more information contact Ian Fiddies tel 0739 24 23 41

Bicycle-friendly workplace
Is your workplace bike friendly? If the answer is no or not really, we at Emulsionen can help with advice on how it can be improved.

Bicycle-Friendly City Planning
We have the know what is required to attract new cyclists.