About us

Emulsionen is a co-operative of skilled and inspired professionals. Our business model is founded on the very core of our ideals. This is the passion that drives us.

Our Criteria

The fundamental criteria for all of our activities is that they fit within the framework of sustainable development in the strictest interpretation of the concept including the aspects environment, economy and society. Our definition of Sustainability is the one specified by ‘The Natural Step’


Visit us

Our headquarters and workshop are located in Kompaniet 415 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Visit us at Marketenterivägen 1415 28 Göteborg

Call  +46734015564 or e-mail: info@emulsionen.org to arrange your visit.

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We are based in an historical building where we share space with other organizations involved in cultural, artistic and social endeavours in the city of Göteborg. We regularly have open house events and concerts. This is how we relate to the community: face to face. This is our version of “marketing” and guess what?  It works!