Emulsionen is a cooperative of talented and inspired professionals. Our diverse academic and professional experience creates a synergy that allows us to deal with new challenges in a creative way, providing our customers with outstanding solutions.

Our policy is to always offer sustainable and environmentally friendly services and solutions of the highest quality to our clients and partners.

We have high standards for the projects we take on. If our customers are not fully committed to meet the most stringent interpretation of sustainability, they can look for help elsewhere.

It is by staying true to our ideals and working only with the things that we believe in that we can remain highly motivated and be able to attract the most talented and creative employees.

Emulsionen offers services in sustainable energy, both large and small scale: we have experience from technical and economical investigations about biogas, solar PV and smart grid applications.

Cycling is one of our specialist areas. We are the best organizers of cycling lessons for beginners in Sweden. We can provide expert advice on how to create a cycle-friendly workplace, development or town and we build custom-made bamboo bikes to order. We know bikes inside and out.

We keep our eyes on the big picture: Systems thinking and life-cycle perspective is our strategy. We believe in transparency, that innovation arises from collusion and that economic activity is based on trust.

If you are a customer or a potential partner, take a look at who we are, what we do and imagine what we can do together!

Contact: info@emulsionen.org